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Firstly I want to say Happy Indigenous People's Day & Native American Day to any other natives that might be reading this.

For anyone that has never heard of that day I'll give you a briefing. It started as a counter to Columbus Day and to promote awareness that well, hey there were people here when he arrived. Millions of them and they were doing great until then so he really didn't discover anything.

I don't know about you but I'd rather not celebrate full out genocide. I don't believe Germany has a Hitler Day so why should we have a Columbus Day? As you see the system they brought over is failing and the land here is destroyed and "The New World" is in horrible shape so I'd say he really didn't do much good bringing the culture over either. Things would have been invented at some point somewhere anyway and we'd still have our precious Internet. Well, Europe would but you'd be over there most likely so you're fine. :)

Indigenous People's Day is celebrated on different days in different areas in different ways. Same with Native American Day. Each is only officially recognized in a couple states.
There's also International Day of the World's Indigenous People which is celebrated on August 9th and declared by the United Nations to promote the freedoms of First Peoples.

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Sep. 17th, 2012 03:39 am
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Totems. Maybe you've heard of them while talking about Native Americans and their totem polls, perhaps you've even seen one in the movie. This is how I first heard of them and I thought it was just some fancy wood for decoration or something. I didn't understand until fairly recently that the totem poll is about the animal and the power of the animal and totems are more than just polls, they can be anything, any type of fetish or representation. But, hey, I was little so give me a break. :P Now that I am older I can share the information I have gathered throughout the years.

Maybe you or someone you know plays World of Warcraft and you've seen the shaman class drop a few totems. These, again, are shown as wooden polls. This time they're short and stylized for the particular race the shaman is i.e. orcs have axe blades while tauren are more traditional.
Perhaps this is because of the long history of wood carving in native culture which never included plastic and wood is a fine resource.

Maybe you went to a powwow nearby that a local tribe hosted or a local magick shoppe and you saw some totem stones that possibly looked like ordinary rocks but with animals or other symbols painted on them.

What are these things though? What is their purpose?

As described by Ted Andrews in his book "Animal Speak", "a totem is any natural object, animal, or being to whose phenomena and energy you feel closely associated with during your life."

A totem is an animal or representation of an animal that, usually, chooses us who's power/qualities/medicine we can benefit from. They may only be for a short period of time or come and go as needed or they may be around forever. Your pet house cat isn't necessarily your totem animal but it could be or it might be a weaker version for a wild feline and once you learn to recognize and harness their powers then you may get to meet the stronger version. Remember it is better to become skilled in mouse medicine than sloppy with bear medicine.

Each type of animal has different qualities, different strengths and weakness that can represent something to you in your life. For example,all birds, in general, have very good vision. "They can help us to see more clearly that which is at a distance; thus they are wonderful tools for developing higher forms of intuitive descrimination." **

** Page 76 of "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews
ISBN 13: 9780875420288 ISBN 10: 0875420281
Buy it at The Book Depository or the audio book from Spirituality and Practice / Sounds True.

I also used this as my main reference. I found it at my local library and if you want to know more then find your own copy to start with. This is a very in depth field and I cannot possibly list everything in the book and the book can't cover everything on the subject. Especially because I'm still learning. ;)

Lost Roots

Jul. 29th, 2012 06:04 am
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I never thought I would know what it felt like to be... a minority, to feel like your ancestors were enslaved, raped and slaughtered. I always felt like any other white guy. I'm pale and other than my long hair, piercings, jewellery and clothing; I've never had a problem. Well, okay other than my last name because my mother was adopted and had it changed. But, over all I looked just like everyone else.
The truth is I'm one generation removed from my tribe. I am a Native American, one of the First People and I grow more and more proud of this and it hurts more and more to feel so different, to know the suffering of my people and all the lies told by the whites throughout history.
I watched part of a documentary series called "America: The Story of Us" and half of the first episode was all about the settlers trying to make friends with the Aboriginals. They left out the fact that the Europeans killed off nearly all of them by gun or disease. It was a complete lie and infuriated me so much that I couldn't finish watching the series. I don't consider it "the story of us" at all because I am not a part of them. I'm not interested in that, I want to know more about the real "America" before anybody called it "America" that existed for thousands of years.


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