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It takes much conversation. Really getting to know one another in all ways but not necessarily sexually as in participating in the act of sexual intercourse together. Getting to know one another's minds and habits. Sharing ideas and agreeing or agreeing to disagree about vital principals. It doesn't always take a long time because sometimes that spark, that interest, is there from the beginning but then grows stronger as time goes by.

Making it work means dedication and simply being in the same or similar place in life at the same time. Some times people can love each other but life, the Universe, dictates that they aren't meant to be together romantically or sexually but they can still be friends, even at a distance.
It is possible to love someone over a long distance. If you talk to somebody all the time and you get along well and truly get to know one another and open up... well, that's all it takes. Love and all types of relationships are based on good, completely honest communication. As long as you guys can see each other and talk to one another audibly then you know the other person is real and can continue to talk and everything should match up with the regular internet messaging.

Often times it's actually better to talk over the Internet because people tend to be less restricted and anxious plus there's a little more time to properly form what you actually mean to say rather than just blurting out whatever your tongue wants because some times things get mixed up between the brain and vocal cords.However, people need to spend time in person as well. We're all a little different in person but less so if people are comfortable around one another.


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