Jan. 17th, 2013 01:38 am
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Death. The inevitable end for everything. It allows new life to begin. It is the Great Bringer of Change.

So why is it that it is seldom talked about other than in movies, music, books and broadcast (and broadcast and broadcast until we just want to shoot ourselves we've heard about it so much) on the news?
Sure, people joke about it and enjoy seeing it in the media. We get off on the blood and gore we see in the films or read in books.

Actually, many think the reason for why people like gore and death so much is because this is the first time in our evolutionary history where there is no hunting, no killing and we don't even tend to our dead loved ones, we usually have a funeral home take care of that. It's in our blood to kill but it is no longer a part of our lives.

We have come so far removed in these "Neo-American" and modern Western European and Asian civiliazations. (Read that simply as "First World" and forgive me if I neglected to include anywhere or included those who shouldn't have been.) It's going to take many generations before we can become less violent and even longer with the media and government/corporations doing all they can as greedy, selfish leaders. That's another rant entirely so I'll spare you here.

I took a few semesters of the mortuary science program and I'm really glad it did because I learned a few invaluable things in that short time even if I haven't yet complete the program.

Life insurance can pay off nicely & you don't have to use that money to pay for a funeral. At least not in my area.
Plan ahead because we are all (in) mortal bodies. This will make it so much easier for everybody else. If you let people know your wishes and have everything noterized then all that is needed is the payment.

I cannot understand that enough. My mother was an alcoholic and chain smoker. We all knew she didn't have much longer and she was steadily getting worse the last two years. She knew she wasn't coming out of the hospital that last time. I had a feeling but I wasn't totally sure, I still had hope. Of course I would've liked her to be cleansed and pumped full of vitamins and start taking better care of herself but after 3/4 of her life of heavy abuse it takes it's toll. At a certain point there's just nothing that anyone can do.

And you know what? Some times it's better off that way. I know her spirit is still watching over me. She has come to several other people we know since then and given messages to all of us. She is not truly gone, she lives on in the Other Realm and within me, within all of us. It's better off this way because that body has been through so much and she was terribly suffering. I felt horrible but I don't have to any more because now she has no pain. Now she is not bound to this physical realm.

Another big help was I found a book called Future Bioethics by Ronald A. Lindsay and it talks about, among many interesting things, assistance in death also known as assisted suicide. Currently in the U.S. there's only one state where it's legal: Oregon and in that state there are no issues with it whatsoever.

You may have heard of Dr. Jack Kevorkian (RIP), he made this known to the masses. The media called him "Dr. Death" because he took terminally ill and suffering people, evaluated them and helped them die peacefully. If there's no quality of life left, if everything hurts, if you cannot function any more then why should you have to go on that way? That's not life.

He said that the 9th Amendment protected us. I say that these are own lives and we have every right to end them if we want to. Suicide should not be illegal and it essentially is. Just like being homeless is essentially illegal. Why should we have to go on suffering because society tells us that death is bad and some religions say that you're going to suffer in the afterlife if you take your own life? That's not fair. Those strange religious rules came about because the population was so much smaller back then and because if you're dead then you can no longer work and pay taxes.

Death is a necessary part of life in order to maintain balance. Without death there we be no procreation, no chance to move forward and continue to grow. Sometimes we must take these matters into our own hands with our own lives and really, that's a beautiful thing. There's not much more humane then taking a couple pills or injection on your own time and painlessly, quietly leave this world. Do not fear death. Do not live recklessly either. Just be prepared and be prepared from early on because Death lurks around every corner, in every shadow.

How do you want to die?
Have you started making plans for what you want done with your body once you're done with it?
What are your views on assistance in death?
Are you afriad of death?


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