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2015-06-30 12:29 am

Hello World

Does anybody actually still read this? Please let me know!

Any requests for material? Anything you enjoy reading or dislike? Other suggestions?
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2015-06-13 12:04 am
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Life Goals

Throughout my life people have always noticed me for one reason or another and have been drawn to me, looked up to me. Many have said that I am a good influence and some even heed my words and actions and either follow my advice or try to imitate what they think I'm like. This has happened since I was a teenager I remember.

Sometimes, quite frankly, it's a bit irritating that people adore me so but I do like it. As if you didn't know I'm rather anti-social and quiet in person, especially in large groups but when I feel comfortable with people and I've got something to say or idea(l)s to discuss then I can rant, rave, and ramble. Still, I do most of this online and usually prefer things that way. I think I just like people from afar. Heh.

As I was saying. I like helping people and teaching -- educating them. I want to open people's eyes, minds, and hearts. I want to heal people and be a catalyst for them to grow and go in their own direction loosely guided by mine. Perhaps that's what I'm "meant" to do in this life. Give people seeds and get them to think a bit and show them the way and send them off.

I think I can do this if I put a little more effort into it. I certainly know how to share my opinions and reasons why I do this or that and fight against the other thing. A little more background info with that might be needed sometimes. But, alas as I have seen first hand, people who do not want to be helped cannot be helped. One can only do so much.
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2015-01-02 11:33 pm

In the U.S.

I only buy things made in the U.S. or Canada or Mexico. Preferably neither of the latter two as I do not live there but they're acceptable as at least they're on the same continent.

For only a few things will I ever make exceptions. Namely certain herbs (inc. teas) or things that other areas are known for exporting i.e. coffee from South America, bamboo from Asia. That's just where those resources are and they should stay in those areas and not interfere with the indigenous flora here.

Why do I go through all this trouble of fully inspecting each and every thing I might possibly need or have use for? Well, I don't really buy things I don't need for the most part so I'm not really spending all that much time out of my life looking over packages.

The money needs to stay in the economy. The U.S. is desperate for jobs. I want to support trades, and often, unions. I've worked in various aspects of these fields for various companies large and small.

Everyone complains that there are no jobs here but there would be hundreds of thousands, if not millions, more if people put their money where their mouths were. That's how change is made. Corporations, unless a Certified B Corporation, mainly only care about money. That's the bottom line. If they aren't making money they figure out how or move on to something else.

Some listen to the people more than others; it never hurts to voice your opinions and complaints. Really, if you don't then that just means that others are and they will be ones shaping the way these companies run (especially if they happen to be shareholders). So get out there writing (open) letters, sending e-mails, making phone calls, commenting on review websites, and whatever else it takes.

But, until Brand X is up to par with your needs then do not support them and find an alternative because there are many. Also, ask yourself if the thing you're thinking about buying is really something you need or something that at this moment that you want.

Beyond jobs, goods from afar take that many more resources to transport to your area. That's that much less (fossil fuels) to sustain us. Every thing does it part in the ravaging and pillaging of our Mother Earth. Shopping local not only helps support small & independent business -- something our country is all about! Supposed to be anyway... -- but it takes less energy to get stuff from Point A to Point B as Point A is closer. With food this is great because it will be fresher and thus tastier and more nutritious. Also that'll keep us eating more seasonal foods.

When you stand for something and are trying to make a difference in this world then you cannot make any compromises else you are no different than all those who know that "yea, that sucks" but go right ahead and shop at Big Store W who imports everything, pays their employees pitifully, and destroys all nearby smaller businesses.

Find an alternative. No, it's not easy, convenient, and inexpensive as far as your money today is concerned but over the long run the stuff made domestically will likely also be higher quality and will last far longer which in turn will lead to you saving money while also doing "good."

By manufacturers and companies in general being within our borders this ensures (to some degree... amazing what loopholes their lawyers can writefind) that they will contribute billions of dollars in taxes which can go towards our basic needs as a civilization and society.

Here are a few websites to start off with:
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2013-08-31 11:14 pm

Human Animal?

Many studies have shown that all sorts of non-human beings are self-aware. Some have names for each other (dolphins and parrots I'm thinking of in particular here) as well as social structure.

I think people (humans) also don't realize that we don't come from gorillas, monkeys, or chimpanzees, we split off the same branch from the tree of life hundreds of thousands of years ago and have evolved separately. There have even been other hominids roaming about. It is said that homo sapiens or rather our ancient predecessors intermingled with Neanderthal and our species today got the strongest of both as the planet changed and Her inhabitants evolved.

I think we're nothing special not much different than every other animal except many of us seem to think we are different and better than them. Then again many humans tend to think that of other humans so perhaps their thoughts on the matter shouldn't really count....

I do believe there is some sort of higher power but I really don't think there was ever a divine being that was just like *poof!* "Now there are humans on Earth".

I don't think extraterrestrial life forms visited and experimented on primates and mixed their genes creating us nor give us any knowledge or technology. It's more likely that people had much time on their hands to devote to theorizing and engineering stuff and then civilizations collapsed and nations were taken over and everything was destroyed. That seems to be what has happened time and again through history and is still going on.

Though, I do believe every living creature has a soul and perhaps there's a big whirl pool of non-bodied souls floating around in the cosmos on another plane of existence. It's possible not every single human or other animal has a soul.
I know people who claim to have met people they didn't believe had a soul, and they weren't getting at the person being "evil" or anything.

So, what do you readers say? Are humans animals?
What makes us any different?
What is a human? What is an animal?
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2013-07-30 06:09 am

Environmental & Animal Rights Activism Web Sites

Here's a list of websites filled with petitions, news and other such things. Sign up on their mailing lists for frequent updates to take armchair action!

  • Idle No More
  • "Idle No More calls on all people to join in a peaceful revolution, to honour Indigenous sovereignty, and to protect the land and water"

    INM has and will continue to help build sovereignty & resurgence of nationhood.

    INM will continue to pressure government and industry to protect the environment.

    INM will continue to build allies in order to reframe the nation to nation relationship, this will be done by including grassroots perspectives, issues, and concern.

  • Friends of the Earth International
  • We campaign on today's most urgent environmental and social issues. We challenge the current model of economic and corporate globalization, and promote solutions that will help to create environmentally sustainable and socially just societies

  • Center for Biological Diversity
  • We believe that the welfare of human beings is deeply linked to nature — to the existence in our world of a vast diversity of wild animals and plants. Because diversity has intrinsic value, and because its loss impoverishes society, we work to secure a future for all species, great and small, hovering on the brink of extinction. We do so through science, law and creative media, with a focus on protecting the lands, waters and climate that species need to survive.

    We want those who come after us to inherit a world where the wild is still alive.

  • National Resources Defense Council
  • NRDC is the nation's most effective environmental action group, combining the grassroots power of 1.4 million members and online activists with the courtroom clout and expertise of more than 350 lawyers, scientists and other professionals.

    Our priorities include:
    • Curbing Global Warming and Creating the Clean Energy Future
    • Reviving the World's Oceans
    • Defending Endangered Wildlife and Wild Places
    • Protecting Our Health by Preventing Pollution
    • Ensuring Safe and Sufficient Water
    • Fostering Sustainable Communities

  • NRDC Save BioGems
  • NRDC selects special places across the Americas that face an imminent threat of destruction: pristine coastlines that could become industrial ports; ancient forests that could be stripped of trees; and unspoiled wildlife habitats that could be sacrificed to oil and gas drilling. Our imperiled BioGems are irreplaceable remnants of wilderness that curb global warming, preserve biodiversity and provide sanctuary for rare and extraordinary wildlife, from threatened polar bears to endangered gray whales.

  • The Pew Charitable Trusts
  • Our work lays the foundation for effective policy solutions by informing and engaging citizens, linking diverse interests to pursue common cause and insisting on tangible results. Our projects encourage efficient, responsive governments – at the local, state, national and international levels – serving the best interests of the people. Current projects seek to strengthen environmental and energy policies; protect our oceans and wild lands; improve health through investments in child nutrition; increase the safety of foods and drugs; provide consumers with better information about financial products; and help states and cities invest in programs that provide the strongest returns. We are particularly committed to improving the civic life of Philadelphia, our founders’ home town.

  • Environment New York
  • Funded by supporters like you, we research the challenges confronting New York’s environment and educate the public about what’s at stake. Through our research reports, news conferences, interviews with reporters, op-ed pieces, letters to the editor, and more, we raise awareness of environmental issues and promote sensible solutions. Our canvassers meet people where they are — in public places or door to door — raising awareness, recruiting new supporters and activists, and raising funds to support our work.

    When decisions are being made about New York’s environment, our elected officials hear plenty from the gas companies, developers and other powerful interests. We make the case for our environment and help people like you make your voice heard, through petitions, emails, letters, phone calls and more, all delivered to the right people just when it matters most.

  • Conservation International
  • Through science, policy and field work, we're applying smart solutions to protect the resources that we all depend on. We help communities, countries and societies protect tropical forests, lush grasslands, rivers, wetlands, abundant lakes and the sea. Only through properly valuing the essential services these ecosystems provide can we create a sustainable development path that will benefit all people for generations to come.

  • World Society for the Protection of Animals
  • Exists to tackle animal cruelty across the globe. We work directly with animals and with the people and organisations that can ensure animals are treated with respect and compassion.

    We bring about lasting change by:
    • helping people understand the critical importance of good animal welfare
    • encouraging nations to commit to animal-friendly practices
    • building the scientific case for the better treatment of animals.

  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  • PETA focuses its attention on the four areas in which the largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely for the longest periods of time: on factory farms, in the clothing trade, in laboratories, and in the entertainment industry. We also work on a variety of other issues, including the cruel killing of beavers, birds, and other "pests" as well as cruelty to domesticated animals.

    PETA works through public education, cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue, legislation, special events, celebrity involvement, and protest campaigns.

  • American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • As the first humane organization to be granted legal authority to investigate and make arrests for crimes against animals, we are wholly dedicated to fulfilling the ASPCA mission through nonviolent approaches. Our organization provides local and national leadership in three key areas: caring for pet parents and pets, providing positive outcomes for at-risk animals and serving victims of animal cruelty.

  • Anti-Slavery Society
  • The aims of the Society are:
    • to relieve suffering of;
    • to free or rescue; and
    • the social reintegration of —

    slaves, child slaves, bonded laborers, bonded child laborers, hierodulic (ie, temple or sacred) child prostitutes, child laborers and the victims of the international traffic in women and children for the purpose of prostitution, as well as the suppression of these practices and institutions.

  • Care2
  • The idea is simple: Make it easy for everyone to live a healthy, green lifestyle and impact the causes they care about most.

  • 38 Degrees
  • In nature, avalanches begin when they reach the tipping point angle of 38 Degrees. In the UK, 38 Degrees members work together to bring about real change in the UK by taking action on the issues that we all care about, to create an avalanche for change.

    38 Degrees believes that power should rest with the people: we provide simple and effective tools for hundreds of thousands of us to influence the decisions that affect us all. We work together to defend fairness, protect constitutional rights, promote peace, preserve the planet and deepen democracy.

  • Avaaz
  • Avaaz—meaning "voice" in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages—launched in 2007 with a simple democratic mission: organize citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.

    Avaaz empowers millions of people from all walks of life to take action on pressing global, regional and national issues, from corruption and poverty to conflict and climate change. Our model of internet organising allows thousands of individual efforts, however small, to be rapidly combined into a powerful collective force.

  • There are more than 40 million users in 196 countries, and every day people use our tools to transform their communities – locally, nationally and globally. Whether it's a mother fighting bullying in her daughter's school, customers pressing banks to drop unfair fees, or citizens holding corrupt officials to account, thousands of campaigns started by people like you have won on – and more are winning every week.

  • Global Justice Ecology Project
  • Explores and exposes the intertwined root causes of social injustice, ecological destruction, and economic domination.
    GJEP envisions a world in which all societies are justly and equitably governed with full participation by an engaged and informed populace living in harmony with the natural world and one another.
    We accomplish our mission by (1) prioritizing campaigns that are key leverage points for advancing systemic change, and (2) linking struggles and strengthening diverse movements with strategic action, information, and analysis.

Summaries of each are copied from their websites at the time of posting and are their words that belong to them, not I.
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2013-03-09 05:56 pm
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Love, What It Takes

It takes much conversation. Really getting to know one another in all ways but not necessarily sexually as in participating in the act of sexual intercourse together. Getting to know one another's minds and habits. Sharing ideas and agreeing or agreeing to disagree about vital principals. It doesn't always take a long time because sometimes that spark, that interest, is there from the beginning but then grows stronger as time goes by.

Making it work means dedication and simply being in the same or similar place in life at the same time. Some times people can love each other but life, the Universe, dictates that they aren't meant to be together romantically or sexually but they can still be friends, even at a distance.
It is possible to love someone over a long distance. If you talk to somebody all the time and you get along well and truly get to know one another and open up... well, that's all it takes. Love and all types of relationships are based on good, completely honest communication. As long as you guys can see each other and talk to one another audibly then you know the other person is real and can continue to talk and everything should match up with the regular internet messaging.

Often times it's actually better to talk over the Internet because people tend to be less restricted and anxious plus there's a little more time to properly form what you actually mean to say rather than just blurting out whatever your tongue wants because some times things get mixed up between the brain and vocal cords.However, people need to spend time in person as well. We're all a little different in person but less so if people are comfortable around one another.
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2013-02-27 04:52 pm

How-to-Do Girls -- Hot For Words

About How-to-Do Girls

"How-To-Do Girls" is the digital media parody of how-to television shows named after the smart & sexy hostesses. "How-To-Do Girls" makes fun of how-to shows while being an informative and entertaining how-to show in its own right.

Every episode stars a sexy-intelligent-capable hostess who is both part of and in on the joke. The combination of low-brow and tongue in cheek humor with lots of double entendres and a dash of social commentary makes learning subjects like cooking, home repair, car maintenance, shopping, relationships, job searches a hilarious escape.

How-To-Do Girls is the first of a new media, the made for download series. This new format is designed for the digital age. Unlike old media, we encourage viewers to share downloaded episodes. There are no breaks for commercials, viewers get uninterrupted pleasure. Additionally, episodes will be immediately available on DVD along with out-takes, extra footage and other goodies.

Sexy, smart, ready for anything.

Do it Right, Ask a Girl.

About Hot For Words

My name is Marina Orlova and I am a philologist (one who studies linguistics and etymology). I love to discuss the origins of words.

3 years ago, Marina burst onto the YouTube scene. Her initial goal was to reach more people with her language knowledge. Instead of a classroom of 20 back in Russia, she now has a virtual class in the thousands. In each video she takes word requests from YouTube users and discusses their meanings and origins. Something that might, at first, seem boring, but when a buxom blonde with a Russian accent teaches you anything, it can be quite educational, thus proving, as her tag-line states, that “Intelligence is Sexy.”
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2013-01-25 05:39 pm

Idle No More Call to Action 1/28




Idle No More grassroots Founders and Organizers from across Canada, in Solidarity with Common Causes - a new initiative bringing together social justice, environmental, labour and other Activist Groups…

- UNITED we are planning IDLE NO MORE WORLD DAY OF ACTION on January 28th, 2013 #J28.

This day of action will peacefully protest attacks on Democracy, Indigenous Sovereignty, Human Rights and Environmental Protections when Canadian MPs return to the House of Commons on January 28th. As a grassroots movement, clearly no political organization speaks for Idle No More. This movement is of the people… For The People! #IDLENOMOREFTP

The Vision of IDLE NO MORE revolves around Indigenous Ways of Knowing rooted in Indigenous Sovereignty to protect water, air, land and all creation for future generations.

The Conservative government bills beginning with Bill C-45 threaten Treaties and this Indigenous Vision of Sovereignty.

The Goal of the movement is education and the revitalization of Indigenous peoples through Awareness and Empowerment. IDLE NO MORE has successfully encouraged knowledge sharing of Indigenous Sovereignty and Environmental Protections.

This message has been heard around the world and the world is watching how Canada responds to the message sent by many INM Supporters.

INM urges the government of Canada to repeal all legislation; which violates Treaties, Indigenous Sovereignty and subsequently Environmental Protections of land and water.

INM is grateful to many leaders who have supported this vision and the movement of the grassroots people. “The Treaties are the last line of defense to protect water and lands from destruction,” stated Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper Turtle Clan, Onondaga Nation Council of Chiefs.




Fight Spam! Click Here!

Founder’s Contact:

Sheelah McLean –

Sylvia McAdam –

Jess Gordon –

Nina Wilson –



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2013-01-17 08:46 am


Sorry, I want to apologize in advance. This one is more of a spew of thoughts than the last post. Maybe I've passed the threshold of awakeness for writing.

Civilization has changed so much throughout the years. Let's talk about in general and not worry too much about locations, races or any of that other stuff.

These days we run on a capitalist system. This post isn't to cover the politics or economics of it though. In the old days things were different for many. People bartered and traded. There were hunters, fishers, gatherers & agriculturists who provided the food. Then there were healers, crafters and other assorted professions.

Things were much more simple, everyone was much more free and in general I would like to say the majority were much happier. Now with so much food available, so many different types of food available and people aren't as happy. People aren't nearly as free and arguably people aren't even eating their fair share of the food. Speaking as a whole that is. So many people are in poverty and the ones that do not have money do not have enough food.

Look at the jobs we have today. People push papers and boss others around. People do jobs that machines can do easily. At least for the most part restaurants and any cashier job and even taxi cabs and other transport. I'm sure there are plenty more things that we can have machines do for us if we weren't worried about creating jobs.

We need to shift around somehow and compeltely change our economy. We have too much technology at this point and there isn't much reason not to take advantage of it.

I guess what I'm really trying to say with all this is that I want to see different groups of people at the top. Not bankers, lawyers, accountants, CEOs and all that nonsense. Those aren't real jobs. Cut out electric or even just telecommunication and these guys will commit suicide because they are useless.

That's another problem. So many people today, myself included, cannot survive without all this technology. Very, very few people have organic seeds, space and know how to grow their own food. There is also very little knowledge of natural medicine. We've changed the environment so much that all the plantlife and every other animal is changing. We depend on those more than you might realize. We are getting overrun with pests and trees are not regressing and blooming at the right time and that's throwing off temperatures too.

But as I was saying. I think we need to put healers back up at the top. Not just doctors and surgens and all the modern Western types but traditional healers as well. Activists, artists, engineers, writers, and religious/spiritual figures need to be taken care of better. Obviously I'm including everyone who can provide food here too.

We should abolish capitalism and go back to trading and bartering and work more as volunteers to keep the community goes. We can start now by looking into Intentional Communities (AKA ecoviliages or communes). Also check out The Venus Project as they've got some very interesting ideas. I'm not talking about trying to create some sort of utopia here, just flip things around a little and take care of those who keep our society together, hold them in high regard. I mean, look at all the bloggers and website owners and major forum posters! How life changing are some of those things you read? (Excluding the memes...)

Oh. I didn't even actually say what I started out with the intention of writing! I'm a healer. I do Reiki which uses the energy of the Universe and helps realign the chakras. I'm also experimenting with other forms of energy healing. I always use herbs when I need something. Oils too. Crystals are a part of my every day life. I also write in here and other places on the Internet. I'm trying to educate everyone. Wake people up and save the world. I go out and protest. I actively boycott. I sign petitions. I pass all this information along, sticking it into every conversation I can. I'm passionate about my beliefs.

I'm a leader of some communities online. These, when taken care of can be very important even if it's just a game. Since it involves so many other people it's important for everyone to do their part because that's the necessary escape, the bit of fun and social interation that we need right there. Sure, there are alternatives but why settle for something else? And just beacause a community is online does not mean it's any less important outside the Internet. More and more of the world is dependent on the Internet and the content on it.

I don't ever want a "regular job." I've had those and I was miserable and those were the least productive times in my life. I did not grow at all. I did nothing except work and hate me job. I had some money, sure, but when you're working all the time you don't really get to spend that money. When you're busy all the time you don't get to do the things you enjoy. You don't get to learn anything. You don't have a change to protest anything and have a say in what's going on in the world. That's exactly the point of it all. We're not supposed to. We're supposed to be zombies, pawns for the tyrants.

After growing up and deciding exactly who I am and what I stand for and supporting only what I wish to support I cannot turn my back on all of that and go work for some company I hate who does things I do not agree with. I just can't. I'll be dead inside. I'd rather be dead on the outside if that's what it came down to. So. I'm trying to use the skills and abilities I have to get by. It's difficult but it's worth it. I can do what I want, when I want and where I want. Freedom.

I think that was all. I'm exhausted. Maybe one day I'll revise this more coherently but probably not. Haha.

What's important to you?
What do you do? What would you like to do with your life?
Principles or money?
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2013-01-17 01:38 am
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Death. The inevitable end for everything. It allows new life to begin. It is the Great Bringer of Change.

So why is it that it is seldom talked about other than in movies, music, books and broadcast (and broadcast and broadcast until we just want to shoot ourselves we've heard about it so much) on the news?
Sure, people joke about it and enjoy seeing it in the media. We get off on the blood and gore we see in the films or read in books.

Actually, many think the reason for why people like gore and death so much is because this is the first time in our evolutionary history where there is no hunting, no killing and we don't even tend to our dead loved ones, we usually have a funeral home take care of that. It's in our blood to kill but it is no longer a part of our lives.

We have come so far removed in these "Neo-American" and modern Western European and Asian civiliazations. (Read that simply as "First World" and forgive me if I neglected to include anywhere or included those who shouldn't have been.) It's going to take many generations before we can become less violent and even longer with the media and government/corporations doing all they can as greedy, selfish leaders. That's another rant entirely so I'll spare you here.

I took a few semesters of the mortuary science program and I'm really glad it did because I learned a few invaluable things in that short time even if I haven't yet complete the program.

Life insurance can pay off nicely & you don't have to use that money to pay for a funeral. At least not in my area.
Plan ahead because we are all (in) mortal bodies. This will make it so much easier for everybody else. If you let people know your wishes and have everything noterized then all that is needed is the payment.

I cannot understand that enough. My mother was an alcoholic and chain smoker. We all knew she didn't have much longer and she was steadily getting worse the last two years. She knew she wasn't coming out of the hospital that last time. I had a feeling but I wasn't totally sure, I still had hope. Of course I would've liked her to be cleansed and pumped full of vitamins and start taking better care of herself but after 3/4 of her life of heavy abuse it takes it's toll. At a certain point there's just nothing that anyone can do.

And you know what? Some times it's better off that way. I know her spirit is still watching over me. She has come to several other people we know since then and given messages to all of us. She is not truly gone, she lives on in the Other Realm and within me, within all of us. It's better off this way because that body has been through so much and she was terribly suffering. I felt horrible but I don't have to any more because now she has no pain. Now she is not bound to this physical realm.

Another big help was I found a book called Future Bioethics by Ronald A. Lindsay and it talks about, among many interesting things, assistance in death also known as assisted suicide. Currently in the U.S. there's only one state where it's legal: Oregon and in that state there are no issues with it whatsoever.

You may have heard of Dr. Jack Kevorkian (RIP), he made this known to the masses. The media called him "Dr. Death" because he took terminally ill and suffering people, evaluated them and helped them die peacefully. If there's no quality of life left, if everything hurts, if you cannot function any more then why should you have to go on that way? That's not life.

He said that the 9th Amendment protected us. I say that these are own lives and we have every right to end them if we want to. Suicide should not be illegal and it essentially is. Just like being homeless is essentially illegal. Why should we have to go on suffering because society tells us that death is bad and some religions say that you're going to suffer in the afterlife if you take your own life? That's not fair. Those strange religious rules came about because the population was so much smaller back then and because if you're dead then you can no longer work and pay taxes.

Death is a necessary part of life in order to maintain balance. Without death there we be no procreation, no chance to move forward and continue to grow. Sometimes we must take these matters into our own hands with our own lives and really, that's a beautiful thing. There's not much more humane then taking a couple pills or injection on your own time and painlessly, quietly leave this world. Do not fear death. Do not live recklessly either. Just be prepared and be prepared from early on because Death lurks around every corner, in every shadow.

How do you want to die?
Have you started making plans for what you want done with your body once you're done with it?
What are your views on assistance in death?
Are you afriad of death?
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2013-01-13 08:50 pm
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Somebody asked: Is honesty the best policy? Have you ever lied to someone to spare their feelings? Are there situations you think it is alright to lie in?

I'm always blunt and honest. Some people can't handle reality and my opinions and need things sugar coated. Well, if they're too weak for that then they can go away. I expect everyone to be just as truthful and straightforward with me.

Lying will never get anyone anywhere unless they've got a good lawyer and are fighting an unjust law or punishment. Go ahead and bullshit authority and random creeps on the street but never an acquaintance or friend/family (unless family is ridiculous and you need a small amount of freedom and no harm is being done).

A lie can only snowball and hurt everyone when it can be seen for what it really is. However, that doesn't mean you have to purposely say something hurtful.

Many times it's fine to simply say nothing if not asked. Not everyone can handle something like "you look fucking obese and disgusting in that lol" but in the end they should be happy that you said they don't look good in it because then they will hopefully change before they go out or maybe start doing something about their obesity.

Don't confuse not saying something with withholding information because that can also be deceitful because you're not being completely open and honest about things. This is especially true for relationships. So many problems stem from poor communication.

If everybody can be honest with themselves and all those in their life and handle situations and people decently then there would be far, far fewer problems.
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2012-12-28 09:51 pm
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About Diaspora*


Copied from Diaspora
"Diaspora is an open-source and distributed community of social networks run by users that enables you to own your own personal data, control with whom you share, and discover cool stuff throughout the Web."

This is a non-profit, distributed and decentralized open source social networking site. They (all the developers) put privacy and security first. There will never be any big corporate buy out, no advertisements and nobody to buy your data and personal information. They allow pseudonyms so you don't have to give out your real name. You don't even have to upload a real picture of yourself and there's no tagging facial recognition to be paranoid about.

I should mention that the source code is available and anybody can and is encouraged to start their own "Pod" to host a Diaspora* network. This means you can contribute code and help with the community effort.

The pods are supported by donations from it's users and according to this blog post of theirs they are incorporated as a for-profit C corporation.

Another interesting feature is the "Stream" where you update your "Status" and can share other information even including pictures and even videos. When posting links if you add an extra slash ( / ) in the address. For example https:///* would automatically get shortened using their in-house URL shortener. If your curious that turned out to be In light grey text next to the URL it'll say what it is when it's expanded. This feature is great when posting really long links such as directions from Google Maps or something.**

Also in the Stream are #hashtags which you can follow. I actually find this way more useful and interesting than I originally thought. It's like micro-blogging but there's no limit that I can see as far as length goes.

Of course this all applies with public posts. There's these things called "Aspects" which I've actually been trying to convince :vfVampireFreaks to steal the idea of and modify the lists on VF. You can post to multiple Aspects and even have people in more than one of them. They won't see your post multiple times. The greatness of this is if you've got family or co-workers or casual acquaintances that you really don't know connected on D* and you want to share something with only a select group of people. This makes it so much easier because there's a checklist of Aspects rather than just a List of which you can only select one group with as is currently with VF.

You can connect to other networks such as Twatter, Faceboo, and Fumblr and there are plenty of other features that I have neglected to mention so check out Diasora Foundation and find out for yourself.

D* always uses HTTPS so you're always connecting to the site with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption.
It's also not trying to be a one-in-all site with music, pictures, videos, games and everything else to bloat it up with certain other websites. There are much better sites for those specific things. It usually doesn't work out too well if one site tries to be everything. D* is simple and a great way to keep in contact with people.

Oh, and I suggest you join or check this list and the links provided.

**I don't condone using anything from Google however I have to admit that their Maps are the best because they even show you directions by foot, bicycle and public transportation and notify you of toll roads.
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2012-12-14 10:40 pm

Shootings, Media Hype, and Societies Failing

Somebody posted an emotional response on the Internet. Somebody I know responded to a recent shooting at a school where over 28 people died, 20 of which were children.

I won't post her message so I hope you can infer some of the things she said. Here is my response.

It's not the guns that are the problem, it's the crumbling societies that put people into really bad situations and states of mind.

We need to fix the education system, stop supporting the international corporations who use slave labor in other countries and make cheap products then import them here. We need to establish jobs here. Healthy, natural food needs to become the norm again. Raw, not processed and full of stuff that isn't meant to be eaten.

Already in many areas it's impossible to get a gun permit.
Do you really think even for a moment that anybody who wants to do something malicious like this will have any issue getting the weapons to do? Hahaha! No! All strict gun laws do is make it difficult for honest, good-willed people like you and I to get guns to use primarily for defence. The black market will never disappear and asking for more laws and stricter laws will only lead to fascism and we're well on that path already for "safety" and surveillance and zero privacy. We're not any safer because of stuff like the Patriot Act or all the scanners at airports. All we are is more distressed which leads to people cracking and taking others down with them. The government needs to stop working against the people and needs to do something to bring up the standards of society. The people need to do their part because there isn't much the gov't can do to keep private businesses in check. The people want all their jobs in other countries, they want cheap convenience and that's the final line, they'll settle for a minimum wage job at a fast food joint and unemployment checks or selling weed and drugs so they can get by.

It's sad that something like this happened but please don't let your emotions dictate politics. Emotionally charged, knee-jerk reactions are exactly what the media wants. They'll distract people and get them upset over something and keep things very simple then the government will pass whatever laws they want while everyone is asleep and stuck on a particular issue.

This guy will get what's coming to him between what the system gives him and Karma, don't worry.

Also, don't think that this sort of thing happens every day, everywhere because it doesn't and when it does it gets played up as per the above stated reasons. The chances of something like this happening are far less than the countless other bad and deadly things that can happen at any moment.

Here's some ridiculous to think about:
My Public Health/microbiology professor, who is a funeral director, told me that somebody died while walking up the stairs with a glass of water. He tripped and the glass cut him in just the right way and he died.

The person responded saying they weren't talking about politics and that parents need to watch their kids better and schools need more security and again that it was a senseless thing to happen.

It is senseless and pathetic. Metal detectors aren't going to do anything other than alienate the children and make them feel even more like they're in prison. If somebody wants to sneak something in, they will. Do you think metal detectors ever help in jails? No. Somebody finds a way to get these things in if they want to do something so there's no sense in bothering wasting the already small school budget on these things.

Yes, parents should be parents and actually pay attention to their children. Maybe if they did that and were able to rather than having to work two jobs - if they can find any - and didn't accidentally have kids at an early age due to lack of sex ed. then these types of things wouldn't happen. Children shouldn't be having children and people who can't afford to take care of themselves even should think about things and be responsible before they decide to take their pants off and then, not long after, have a child.
I think parents should be teaching their children that guns are dangerous and how to use one and when. When as in if somebody comes in and tries to rob them and tries to hurt the child then they should be able to shoot this guy in the foot and call the police and try to contact their parent(s) if they are not around (which is perfectly acceptable if the child is a teenager or pre-teen and can take care of themselves as far as making a snack or not setting the house on fire).

From the articles I've read there is already tons of security. There are cameras to see who enters the buildings and they asked for photo IDs for anybody who entered.

An article about the incident at W-TOC. Here's a similar article from the same site.

Before this post I had not read any articles about it but here are some problems I've got.

Obama said in a news conference. "May God bless the memory of the victims. And in the words of scripture, heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds."

The president should not be quoting any type of religious scripture no matter what the case is; he should not be talking about any god. He was at a news conference, not a funeral for somebody he knew. There is supposed to be separation of church and state. Clearly there has not been for many, many years.

President Obama, wiping away tears, said at the White House, "Each time I learn news like this I react not as a president, but as anybody else would, as a parent....

President Barack Obama held a news conference at 3:15 p.m., saying he ordered for all flags across the country to fly at half-staff. In an emotion-filled statement, he said he felt the pain of the tragedy as a parent, not a president.

"We're going to have to take more action to prevent tragedies like this, regardless of the politics," Obama said.

Now, I guess he said he felt the pain as a parent for good publicity. At least that's what I'm hoping. Either way it seems even the president is letting emotions dictate for tighter gun laws and security. Or maybe that's just an excuse to watch and disarm the masses so they can't fight back?

Security measures implemented this year at Sandy Hook kept doors locked during class hours, and people have to be buzzed in before entering. There is a camera to view whoever enters the building.

Just this year, the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary had sent a letter to parents informing them of a new security protocol. It included staff viewing visitors through a camera before buzzing them in, while parents who weren't familiar to staff would have to show picture IDs.

"With nearly 700 students and over 1,000 parents, most parents will be asked for a picture ID"

Increased security obviously does no good.

I'm going to update this as necessary.
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2012-11-30 03:54 am
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What is Open Source?

Open source means that the code the program is freely available.

Well, great. Why should I care about that?
For one it means people can check the code for malicious lines and make sure nothing harmful will run when the program runs. That also means that more people generally are checking for security vulnerabilities and bugs.
This leads to smoother running programs with more features that are safer to use.

Also they usually don't have a company that has strict deadlines and other strict rules about what they can do with the program. Most of these programs are made by volunteers working in their own time but some such as those made by Mozilla, Red Hat, and Canonical have a full staff. Each project has it's own structure with deadlines, guidelines, and other lines. This allows the groups writing the program to have more freedom and be more creative.

Either way with the code available if somebody wants to go a different direction with the project they're able to do so. This is called "forking" and can be a mess or lead to something amazing.

However not all projects that show their code allow it to be modified and shared. There are many different licenses and some simply show the lines for the sake of transparency.

Many programs run across multiple operating systems; they're cross platform. If you know what you're doing you could port something to your OS or request that someone else does and maybe they will. Some great programs that you may use are built with open source technology such as Firefox, Pidgin, XChat, Vuze, VLC Media Player and LibreOffice.

Software isn't the only thing that's able to be open source. There is also a growing amount of open source hardware. The difference is instead of making code available they make the plans of creating the physical item available. One's digital and one's physical.

Open source is a counter to the restrictions of closed source. It's about embracing freedom. Join in and pass it along!
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2012-11-29 10:56 pm


I got a sandwich from my college before class today and the guy forgot the cheese which is okay, he was distracted by a beautiful woman. I didn't notice until I sat down so I returned with it, he apologized and exchanged the wrap paper for a thin plastic container. The container opened and spilled half my sandwich onto the floor, right in the middle of the cafeteria. I placed my stuff down and cleaned it up. Another worker must've seen this happen because after I sat down with the half of my sandwich that was still in tact he came over and offered to get me some fries or something for free.

He did and that act of kindness made my day. My day was good otherwise but a simple act of kindness to a stranger makes a big difference. We should all be doing these kinds of things often. It doesn't even have to be in person. It can be in video games like MMO's (massively multiplayer online games) or possibly on forums or elsewhere on the Internet. It doesn't have to be anything big, expensive or time constraining, it can be simply paying someone's bus faire or buying a stranger food. Anything. Just pay it forward and tell them to do the same. We can make this world a better place.
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2012-11-02 12:35 pm
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Accessing Data Between OSes

In order to access files in Ubuntu or another *nix distro that are on another OSes partition you should be able to just open up a file manager (Nautilus, Thunar...). From there you should see a disk, or even a few partitions and they should auto mount when you click on them.

However that's such a bother having to do every time. Open up gnome-terminal and type
sudo blkid
that will display your hard drives and their UUID (Universially Unique Identifier), label (if set), as well as where it's listed at in /dev.

For example:

$ sudo blkid
[sudo] password for gothfvck:
/dev/sda1: UUID="4C06A43806A424C4" TYPE="ntfs"
/dev/sdb1: LABEL="Ubuntu" UUID="042l6912-050b-4fc0-8e0c-e1ddb9dc3f7b" TYPE="ext4"
/dev/sdb3: UUID="653g26fd-2902-4add-b7ae-d11c2643d3b6" TYPE="swap"
/dev/sdb5: LABEL="Home" UUID="46e1b32b-b88f-4d73-b949-f1796fa508c3" TYPE="ext4"
/dev/sdc1: LABEL="storage2" UUID="257d18-2b4f-429f-b84e-64043022de6c" TYPE="ext4"

(The NTFS partition was for testing stuff.)
You'll need to copy the UUID's without the quotes if you want to add something to your fstab file and have it automatically mount at boot up.

Open a new tab or window and type
sudo nano /etc/fstab
This makes you the super user, opens a console text editor and then opens whatever file you told it to if provided, in this case it's fstab in the directory /etc/.

Mine looks like:

proc /proc proc nodev,noexec,nosuid 0 0
# / was on /dev/sdb1 during installation
UUID=032f54a4-050b-4fc0-8e0c-e1ddb9dc3f5a / ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 1
# /home was on /dev/sdb5 during installation
UUID=123cad23b-b88f-4d73-b949-f1796fa508c3 /home ext4 defaults 0 2
# swap was on /dev/sda3 during installation
#UUID=a123cax-871d-4173-8162-9b1fefacc4a2 none swap sw 0 0
# swap was on /dev/sdb3 during installation
UUID=734e15dc-2902-4add-b7ae-d11c2643d3b6 none swap sw 0 0
UUID=257d18-2b4f-429f-b84e-64043022de6c /storage2 ext4 defaults 0 2
UUID=9e9b1181-d1353-4a3f-86f5-a3a528772f74 /storage ext4 defaults 0 2

As you can see from blkid I currently do not have /storage attached because it's an external drive but it's listed because it is almost always connected to this machine.

Just edit this fstab file with the drives you need. Remember "#" lines get skipped over when the computer reads them.

If you want to look at everything in a GUI fashion just to double check I recommend GParted Which can be installed from the repository via apt-get or Synaptic or another software/package manager.

If you're in Windows you'll need to install something like Ext2Fsd: I think the other one: is out of date but will probably still work just fine.

Handy command line tip when using Nautilus without Gnome:
nautilus --no-desktop
The default "run" dialog is usually set to "alt+F2" and if you need to open something with super user privileges first type

Some names have been changed (inconsistently I might add) during the pasting and posting of this article.
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2012-10-08 08:11 am
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Columbus Day

Firstly I want to say Happy Indigenous People's Day & Native American Day to any other natives that might be reading this.

For anyone that has never heard of that day I'll give you a briefing. It started as a counter to Columbus Day and to promote awareness that well, hey there were people here when he arrived. Millions of them and they were doing great until then so he really didn't discover anything.

I don't know about you but I'd rather not celebrate full out genocide. I don't believe Germany has a Hitler Day so why should we have a Columbus Day? As you see the system they brought over is failing and the land here is destroyed and "The New World" is in horrible shape so I'd say he really didn't do much good bringing the culture over either. Things would have been invented at some point somewhere anyway and we'd still have our precious Internet. Well, Europe would but you'd be over there most likely so you're fine. :)

Indigenous People's Day is celebrated on different days in different areas in different ways. Same with Native American Day. Each is only officially recognized in a couple states.
There's also International Day of the World's Indigenous People which is celebrated on August 9th and declared by the United Nations to promote the freedoms of First Peoples.

Read more:
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2012-10-04 06:40 am
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XMPP which stands for eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol is another protocol to use for instant messaging (IMing). It is also known as Jabber. You've probably used it before in some form and not even known it because popular services make use of it such as Facebook, Google with Gtalk, and LiveJournal.

If you have an account with any one of these you can sign right in and start using a dedicated jabber client immediately. However, I strongly advice you to create a new account on another network because at least two out of the three listed don't value your privacy and log all your conversations forever. I suggest going with an independent host that isn't some big international corporation such as,, or another one you may know of. Some e-mail providers give you a XMPP account but it's up to you if you want to give out your e-mail address to everybody. I'd suggest only using that account for close friends that you can trust or those you exchange e-mails with.

Creating an account is easy, you just open up any application that supports XMPP, go through the application's menu and add an account when check the box that says "create account" and type in whatever username you wish along with a password, preferably a password you don't use every/anywhere else. Some of the jabber service providers allow account creation from their website but this is unnecessary and some times is handled via Flash and personally, I hate Flash, especially for communication.

From here you can set it up to connect to many of the other protocols you may be using such as AIM, Y!, MSN/Windows Live/.NET messaging-whatever-it's-called, MySpace and others. Just go to "discover services" and find what you need. Note that not all support all that they possibly can so check the website beforehand and make sure they support the gateway you need. Once you do this you can connect to your new XMPP account and in turn connect to all your other networks and from one program talk to your lame buddies still using AIM.

Another great feature of XMPP is the presence part, the ability to set a resource. What this means is that you're able to sign in at multiple locations and/or multiple clients and set a priority and status for each one. By default, whichever has the highest priority will get an incoming message unless the sender specifies to send to a different resource. This is very handy when you've got a desktop, laptop and handheld (read as Android) computer or if you are able to sign in at work, school, or elsewhere and at the place you sleep. If you sleep at work then... well, at least you've still got that job but make sure you really wash up in the bathroom and wash your clothes in the sink! Not that not all clients can send to a specific resource but most, if not all, XMPP-capable clients can at least read different status messages and will show you the resource they're coming from.

What's great about using XMPP is that it's decentralized. There's no one company that's reading, censoring and logging all your conversations which is something all the major networks do weather they admit it or not, I've seen it happen. You don't have to worry about them making some weird proprietary changes making it impossible to do something or them going out of business/someone buying them out and changing privacy policies & terms of service agreements (and possibly you won't even know prior to it happening). It's open source and uses open standards. Most servers value privacy and security as much as you or I do (and that's quite a bit on my end). There probably won't be any advertisements and your information won't be sold. Of course, find these things out for yourself before you create and start using an account because you may find the one that doesn't follow these rules!

One more note: make sure you enable any encryption plugins available such as off-the-record (OTR) and talk all your friends into using encryption to make sure everything's kept private and each of you gets all the messages intended untempered with. Remember your Miranda Rights, everything you said can and will be used against you. Just because you aren't doing or talking about anything that's illegal (today) doesn't mean that you don't need or shouldn't use encryption. Privacy is one of our basic rights and we should keep things that way because if we don't bother to fight for our rights they will all disappear.

Suggested clients:
Gajim - Great for Jabber as it allows choosing which resource to message the person at if they're signed in multiple places. GTK
Pidgin - Also supports IRC and every IM network. GTK
Jitsi - Good support for A/V conferencing.
Psi - Another cross-platform client. QT
Kopete - The KDE instant messanger. Multi-protocol. QT
Xabber for Android.
ChatSecure for iOS devices.

Check out the long but incomplete list of servers over at
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2012-09-26 05:34 pm
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No Cold Penguins

Somebody on the World of Warcraft official forums asked about OpenGL support for Windows to which a post from Blizzard, specifically Omrakos, stated "It's only used for troubleshooting right now and I know of no plans to allow it to be used as a primary graphics mode."

This was my reply.

I was wondering the same thing. I don't think it's fair that Linux users have to deal with lower or disabled settings because Blizzard isn't up to date with the OpenGL version on Windows. Everything works nicely on Mac from what I've heard but Apple & their products is no better than Microsoft and theirs. I feel that if they can get OpenGL running smoothly on Mac then there is no reason they can't for Windows.

If no better support for this then how about a native Linux client? Or at least a native installer because that's where most of the problems are it seems. People are forced to install or copy the game from a Windows machine until the WINE community, Transgaming, or CrossOver can update and fix whatever issues there are or somebody finds and posts a work around somewhere.

However the Linux gaming community is growing larger and larger and more and more novice computer users are both gaming and using Linux. I agree that everyone should know the basic insides of their computer hardware and software wise but it is unfair to assume that everyone else feels the same way and unfair to ask these people to either use an expensive, high maintenance, high resource using OS or deal with lower quality in the most widely played MMORPG.

I think also this indirectly promotes proprietary software piracy. Which I am completely against because there's always a free/open source alternative and I consider this a completely different category than downloading some music or a movie. I think Microsoft doesn't care too much because they still have users buying machines that come with their OS and using just when it's full of malware and doesn't run anymore is when they ask their tech savvy buddy or relative to reinstall it for them. Microsoft still has their people locked into using their OS and buying their stuff in the future, maybe even stock.

Back to my earlier point. Valve recognizes this and is putting out some Steam'd Penguins. They're looking into open source initiatives, porting their client over as well as some games. Specifically they're officially supporting Ubuntu. This isn't a finished product yet but they're working on it.

If you search their website Dell offers computers with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed and everybody's got a tablet these days and those usually seem to run Linux.

The main problem here is circular. The game companies are afraid to support Linux because they don't see the user base and don't want to spend extra resources on supporting something they don't have to. The computer manufacturers are afraid to configure their systems and support Linux because they don't think the customer base is there and Microsoft has deals with these companies to sell their hardware with Windows preloaded.

As computer users become less satisfied with Windows and Linux becomes more user friendly they switch over. I think if Blizzard took the big leap and came out officially supporting Linux at least on Ubuntu (and thus other Debian based distributions) then many others will follow the lead. Even if they released a client as an "unstable" or "beta" version I'd be content because it would probably be better than the "good enough" of playing through WINE.

Edit: Okay so my original post was locked because it was in the wrong section. Here's my repost:
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2012-09-17 03:39 am
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Totems. Maybe you've heard of them while talking about Native Americans and their totem polls, perhaps you've even seen one in the movie. This is how I first heard of them and I thought it was just some fancy wood for decoration or something. I didn't understand until fairly recently that the totem poll is about the animal and the power of the animal and totems are more than just polls, they can be anything, any type of fetish or representation. But, hey, I was little so give me a break. :P Now that I am older I can share the information I have gathered throughout the years.

Maybe you or someone you know plays World of Warcraft and you've seen the shaman class drop a few totems. These, again, are shown as wooden polls. This time they're short and stylized for the particular race the shaman is i.e. orcs have axe blades while tauren are more traditional.
Perhaps this is because of the long history of wood carving in native culture which never included plastic and wood is a fine resource.

Maybe you went to a powwow nearby that a local tribe hosted or a local magick shoppe and you saw some totem stones that possibly looked like ordinary rocks but with animals or other symbols painted on them.

What are these things though? What is their purpose?

As described by Ted Andrews in his book "Animal Speak", "a totem is any natural object, animal, or being to whose phenomena and energy you feel closely associated with during your life."

A totem is an animal or representation of an animal that, usually, chooses us who's power/qualities/medicine we can benefit from. They may only be for a short period of time or come and go as needed or they may be around forever. Your pet house cat isn't necessarily your totem animal but it could be or it might be a weaker version for a wild feline and once you learn to recognize and harness their powers then you may get to meet the stronger version. Remember it is better to become skilled in mouse medicine than sloppy with bear medicine.

Each type of animal has different qualities, different strengths and weakness that can represent something to you in your life. For example,all birds, in general, have very good vision. "They can help us to see more clearly that which is at a distance; thus they are wonderful tools for developing higher forms of intuitive descrimination." **

** Page 76 of "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews
ISBN 13: 9780875420288 ISBN 10: 0875420281
Buy it at The Book Depository or the audio book from Spirituality and Practice / Sounds True.

I also used this as my main reference. I found it at my local library and if you want to know more then find your own copy to start with. This is a very in depth field and I cannot possibly list everything in the book and the book can't cover everything on the subject. Especially because I'm still learning. ;)