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Many studies have shown that all sorts of non-human beings are self-aware. Some have names for each other (dolphins and parrots I'm thinking of in particular here) as well as social structure.

I think people (humans) also don't realize that we don't come from gorillas, monkeys, or chimpanzees, we split off the same branch from the tree of life hundreds of thousands of years ago and have evolved separately. There have even been other hominids roaming about. It is said that homo sapiens or rather our ancient predecessors intermingled with Neanderthal and our species today got the strongest of both as the planet changed and Her inhabitants evolved.

I think we're nothing special not much different than every other animal except many of us seem to think we are different and better than them. Then again many humans tend to think that of other humans so perhaps their thoughts on the matter shouldn't really count....

I do believe there is some sort of higher power but I really don't think there was ever a divine being that was just like *poof!* "Now there are humans on Earth".

I don't think extraterrestrial life forms visited and experimented on primates and mixed their genes creating us nor give us any knowledge or technology. It's more likely that people had much time on their hands to devote to theorizing and engineering stuff and then civilizations collapsed and nations were taken over and everything was destroyed. That seems to be what has happened time and again through history and is still going on.

Though, I do believe every living creature has a soul and perhaps there's a big whirl pool of non-bodied souls floating around in the cosmos on another plane of existence. It's possible not every single human or other animal has a soul.
I know people who claim to have met people they didn't believe had a soul, and they weren't getting at the person being "evil" or anything.

So, what do you readers say? Are humans animals?
What makes us any different?
What is a human? What is an animal?


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