Jan. 13th, 2013 08:50 pm
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Somebody asked: Is honesty the best policy? Have you ever lied to someone to spare their feelings? Are there situations you think it is alright to lie in?

I'm always blunt and honest. Some people can't handle reality and my opinions and need things sugar coated. Well, if they're too weak for that then they can go away. I expect everyone to be just as truthful and straightforward with me.

Lying will never get anyone anywhere unless they've got a good lawyer and are fighting an unjust law or punishment. Go ahead and bullshit authority and random creeps on the street but never an acquaintance or friend/family (unless family is ridiculous and you need a small amount of freedom and no harm is being done).

A lie can only snowball and hurt everyone when it can be seen for what it really is. However, that doesn't mean you have to purposely say something hurtful.

Many times it's fine to simply say nothing if not asked. Not everyone can handle something like "you look fucking obese and disgusting in that lol" but in the end they should be happy that you said they don't look good in it because then they will hopefully change before they go out or maybe start doing something about their obesity.

Don't confuse not saying something with withholding information because that can also be deceitful because you're not being completely open and honest about things. This is especially true for relationships. So many problems stem from poor communication.

If everybody can be honest with themselves and all those in their life and handle situations and people decently then there would be far, far fewer problems.
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