Jan. 2nd, 2015

In the U.S.

Jan. 2nd, 2015 11:33 pm
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I only buy things made in the U.S. or Canada or Mexico. Preferably neither of the latter two as I do not live there but they're acceptable as at least they're on the same continent.

For only a few things will I ever make exceptions. Namely certain herbs (inc. teas) or things that other areas are known for exporting i.e. coffee from South America, bamboo from Asia. That's just where those resources are and they should stay in those areas and not interfere with the indigenous flora here.

Why do I go through all this trouble of fully inspecting each and every thing I might possibly need or have use for? Well, I don't really buy things I don't need for the most part so I'm not really spending all that much time out of my life looking over packages.

The money needs to stay in the economy. The U.S. is desperate for jobs. I want to support trades, and often, unions. I've worked in various aspects of these fields for various companies large and small.

Everyone complains that there are no jobs here but there would be hundreds of thousands, if not millions, more if people put their money where their mouths were. That's how change is made. Corporations, unless a Certified B Corporation, mainly only care about money. That's the bottom line. If they aren't making money they figure out how or move on to something else.

Some listen to the people more than others; it never hurts to voice your opinions and complaints. Really, if you don't then that just means that others are and they will be ones shaping the way these companies run (especially if they happen to be shareholders). So get out there writing (open) letters, sending e-mails, making phone calls, commenting on review websites, and whatever else it takes.

But, until Brand X is up to par with your needs then do not support them and find an alternative because there are many. Also, ask yourself if the thing you're thinking about buying is really something you need or something that at this moment that you want.

Beyond jobs, goods from afar take that many more resources to transport to your area. That's that much less (fossil fuels) to sustain us. Every thing does it part in the ravaging and pillaging of our Mother Earth. Shopping local not only helps support small & independent business -- something our country is all about! Supposed to be anyway... -- but it takes less energy to get stuff from Point A to Point B as Point A is closer. With food this is great because it will be fresher and thus tastier and more nutritious. Also that'll keep us eating more seasonal foods.

When you stand for something and are trying to make a difference in this world then you cannot make any compromises else you are no different than all those who know that "yea, that sucks" but go right ahead and shop at Big Store W who imports everything, pays their employees pitifully, and destroys all nearby smaller businesses.

Find an alternative. No, it's not easy, convenient, and inexpensive as far as your money today is concerned but over the long run the stuff made domestically will likely also be higher quality and will last far longer which in turn will lead to you saving money while also doing "good."

By manufacturers and companies in general being within our borders this ensures (to some degree... amazing what loopholes their lawyers can writefind) that they will contribute billions of dollars in taxes which can go towards our basic needs as a civilization and society.

Here are a few websites to start off with:


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