Dec. 14th, 2012

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Somebody posted an emotional response on the Internet. Somebody I know responded to a recent shooting at a school where over 28 people died, 20 of which were children.

I won't post her message so I hope you can infer some of the things she said. Here is my response.

It's not the guns that are the problem, it's the crumbling societies that put people into really bad situations and states of mind.

We need to fix the education system, stop supporting the international corporations who use slave labor in other countries and make cheap products then import them here. We need to establish jobs here. Healthy, natural food needs to become the norm again. Raw, not processed and full of stuff that isn't meant to be eaten.

Already in many areas it's impossible to get a gun permit.
Do you really think even for a moment that anybody who wants to do something malicious like this will have any issue getting the weapons to do? Hahaha! No! All strict gun laws do is make it difficult for honest, good-willed people like you and I to get guns to use primarily for defence. The black market will never disappear and asking for more laws and stricter laws will only lead to fascism and we're well on that path already for "safety" and surveillance and zero privacy. We're not any safer because of stuff like the Patriot Act or all the scanners at airports. All we are is more distressed which leads to people cracking and taking others down with them. The government needs to stop working against the people and needs to do something to bring up the standards of society. The people need to do their part because there isn't much the gov't can do to keep private businesses in check. The people want all their jobs in other countries, they want cheap convenience and that's the final line, they'll settle for a minimum wage job at a fast food joint and unemployment checks or selling weed and drugs so they can get by.

It's sad that something like this happened but please don't let your emotions dictate politics. Emotionally charged, knee-jerk reactions are exactly what the media wants. They'll distract people and get them upset over something and keep things very simple then the government will pass whatever laws they want while everyone is asleep and stuck on a particular issue.

This guy will get what's coming to him between what the system gives him and Karma, don't worry.

Also, don't think that this sort of thing happens every day, everywhere because it doesn't and when it does it gets played up as per the above stated reasons. The chances of something like this happening are far less than the countless other bad and deadly things that can happen at any moment.

Here's some ridiculous to think about:
My Public Health/microbiology professor, who is a funeral director, told me that somebody died while walking up the stairs with a glass of water. He tripped and the glass cut him in just the right way and he died.

The person responded saying they weren't talking about politics and that parents need to watch their kids better and schools need more security and again that it was a senseless thing to happen.

It is senseless and pathetic. Metal detectors aren't going to do anything other than alienate the children and make them feel even more like they're in prison. If somebody wants to sneak something in, they will. Do you think metal detectors ever help in jails? No. Somebody finds a way to get these things in if they want to do something so there's no sense in bothering wasting the already small school budget on these things.

Yes, parents should be parents and actually pay attention to their children. Maybe if they did that and were able to rather than having to work two jobs - if they can find any - and didn't accidentally have kids at an early age due to lack of sex ed. then these types of things wouldn't happen. Children shouldn't be having children and people who can't afford to take care of themselves even should think about things and be responsible before they decide to take their pants off and then, not long after, have a child.
I think parents should be teaching their children that guns are dangerous and how to use one and when. When as in if somebody comes in and tries to rob them and tries to hurt the child then they should be able to shoot this guy in the foot and call the police and try to contact their parent(s) if they are not around (which is perfectly acceptable if the child is a teenager or pre-teen and can take care of themselves as far as making a snack or not setting the house on fire).

From the articles I've read there is already tons of security. There are cameras to see who enters the buildings and they asked for photo IDs for anybody who entered.

An article about the incident at W-TOC. Here's a similar article from the same site.

Before this post I had not read any articles about it but here are some problems I've got.

Obama said in a news conference. "May God bless the memory of the victims. And in the words of scripture, heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds."

The president should not be quoting any type of religious scripture no matter what the case is; he should not be talking about any god. He was at a news conference, not a funeral for somebody he knew. There is supposed to be separation of church and state. Clearly there has not been for many, many years.

President Obama, wiping away tears, said at the White House, "Each time I learn news like this I react not as a president, but as anybody else would, as a parent....

President Barack Obama held a news conference at 3:15 p.m., saying he ordered for all flags across the country to fly at half-staff. In an emotion-filled statement, he said he felt the pain of the tragedy as a parent, not a president.

"We're going to have to take more action to prevent tragedies like this, regardless of the politics," Obama said.

Now, I guess he said he felt the pain as a parent for good publicity. At least that's what I'm hoping. Either way it seems even the president is letting emotions dictate for tighter gun laws and security. Or maybe that's just an excuse to watch and disarm the masses so they can't fight back?

Security measures implemented this year at Sandy Hook kept doors locked during class hours, and people have to be buzzed in before entering. There is a camera to view whoever enters the building.

Just this year, the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary had sent a letter to parents informing them of a new security protocol. It included staff viewing visitors through a camera before buzzing them in, while parents who weren't familiar to staff would have to show picture IDs.

"With nearly 700 students and over 1,000 parents, most parents will be asked for a picture ID"

Increased security obviously does no good.

I'm going to update this as necessary.


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