Oct. 8th, 2012

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Firstly I want to say Happy Indigenous People's Day & Native American Day to any other natives that might be reading this.

For anyone that has never heard of that day I'll give you a briefing. It started as a counter to Columbus Day and to promote awareness that well, hey there were people here when he arrived. Millions of them and they were doing great until then so he really didn't discover anything.

I don't know about you but I'd rather not celebrate full out genocide. I don't believe Germany has a Hitler Day so why should we have a Columbus Day? As you see the system they brought over is failing and the land here is destroyed and "The New World" is in horrible shape so I'd say he really didn't do much good bringing the culture over either. Things would have been invented at some point somewhere anyway and we'd still have our precious Internet. Well, Europe would but you'd be over there most likely so you're fine. :)

Indigenous People's Day is celebrated on different days in different areas in different ways. Same with Native American Day. Each is only officially recognized in a couple states.
There's also International Day of the World's Indigenous People which is celebrated on August 9th and declared by the United Nations to promote the freedoms of First Peoples.

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