Sep. 26th, 2012

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Somebody on the World of Warcraft official forums asked about OpenGL support for Windows to which a post from Blizzard, specifically Omrakos, stated "It's only used for troubleshooting right now and I know of no plans to allow it to be used as a primary graphics mode."

This was my reply.

I was wondering the same thing. I don't think it's fair that Linux users have to deal with lower or disabled settings because Blizzard isn't up to date with the OpenGL version on Windows. Everything works nicely on Mac from what I've heard but Apple & their products is no better than Microsoft and theirs. I feel that if they can get OpenGL running smoothly on Mac then there is no reason they can't for Windows.

If no better support for this then how about a native Linux client? Or at least a native installer because that's where most of the problems are it seems. People are forced to install or copy the game from a Windows machine until the WINE community, Transgaming, or CrossOver can update and fix whatever issues there are or somebody finds and posts a work around somewhere.

However the Linux gaming community is growing larger and larger and more and more novice computer users are both gaming and using Linux. I agree that everyone should know the basic insides of their computer hardware and software wise but it is unfair to assume that everyone else feels the same way and unfair to ask these people to either use an expensive, high maintenance, high resource using OS or deal with lower quality in the most widely played MMORPG.

I think also this indirectly promotes proprietary software piracy. Which I am completely against because there's always a free/open source alternative and I consider this a completely different category than downloading some music or a movie. I think Microsoft doesn't care too much because they still have users buying machines that come with their OS and using just when it's full of malware and doesn't run anymore is when they ask their tech savvy buddy or relative to reinstall it for them. Microsoft still has their people locked into using their OS and buying their stuff in the future, maybe even stock.

Back to my earlier point. Valve recognizes this and is putting out some Steam'd Penguins. They're looking into open source initiatives, porting their client over as well as some games. Specifically they're officially supporting Ubuntu. This isn't a finished product yet but they're working on it.

If you search their website Dell offers computers with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed and everybody's got a tablet these days and those usually seem to run Linux.

The main problem here is circular. The game companies are afraid to support Linux because they don't see the user base and don't want to spend extra resources on supporting something they don't have to. The computer manufacturers are afraid to configure their systems and support Linux because they don't think the customer base is there and Microsoft has deals with these companies to sell their hardware with Windows preloaded.

As computer users become less satisfied with Windows and Linux becomes more user friendly they switch over. I think if Blizzard took the big leap and came out officially supporting Linux at least on Ubuntu (and thus other Debian based distributions) then many others will follow the lead. Even if they released a client as an "unstable" or "beta" version I'd be content because it would probably be better than the "good enough" of playing through WINE.

Edit: Okay so my original post was locked because it was in the wrong section. Here's my repost:


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