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Many people have asked me what the name "GothFvck" means and how I came about using it. I feel this is a good way to start off this journal.

"Goth" Well, after all these years I'm still not sure exactly what goth is and I don't believe anybody else can say with certainty. Most will say "mysterious", "macabre" and things along those lines but anything can be gothic just about. Okay, maybe not anything.

"Fvck" or "fuck" One of those words that you don't actually hear on the radio usually. This word can be used in any way and in place of so many others. I'm not writing an entire post about this one or the word above though.

Onto the actual story behind my name.
Back when I was a teenager I was either loading the van with band equipment or heading to a show, not sure which, but as I was walking to the van my buddy who's over 6" jumped on my back. He's not obese but not exactly light as a bird. I couldn't get him off so finally I decided to bite him. I bit hard. So hard in fact that he had a bruise for several weeks, it was huge and dark. I'm not sure if he's got a scar now-a-days. When I did this the only thing he could utter was "OW! YOU BIT ME YOU FUCKING GOTH FUCK!". And so ever since then that name has stuck.

George Carlin - 7 Dirty Words


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